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No work

Video art / Directing : Caroline Henry / 2018 / 6 min

The Biennale de Paris pushes the boundaries of art practice deciding to set it free from the work of art.

Its director, Alexandre Gurita, to present the First World of Art Economics Forum, FoméA, which took place at Paris City Hall in june 2018, revisits the philosophy of this innovative institution, the Biennale.

Gathering contributors from all over the world, FoméA, in progress in this film, pursues to join the genius of each practicing and managing its art.


A garden for the sea

Experimental documentary / Directing : Caroline Henry / 2016 / 33 min

An astonishing portrait of Patrick Serc, painter, sailor in the Channel region, in the imagination area, too.

His story that pushed him from the Navy to studying fine arts, in other words his path from a dream of sea, until the sea through dreams.

His invented characters he ends up meeting in reality...

His own places recreated to pour his immoderate imagination.

An invitation to an unlimitedcontemplation, within a period of time the world is at loss for reinventing itself, while technology allows all the measures, all the speeding inconceivable, when the last unknown land may be inside.


Sweet and Bitter

End of studies documentary / Directing : Caroline Henry / 2007 / 53 min

L'Atelier du Confiseur (The Confectioner Workshop), a very "handmade" chocolate workshop nearby Paris  that still prepares its whole sweets on the spot.

A portrait of the passionate to the end craftsman, Rémi Henry, my father.

Sharing the workshop life, its staff, in the rhythm of seasons, gestures, all handcrafts' variety.

An unexpected meeting with the cocoa's growers, active for their independence. At the source of chocolate, in Guatemala, on the field of Agnès Bergret-Mars, anthropologist.

A testimony of working manners taking the time, time for quality.


One Film

Super 8 essay / Directing : Tomek Niewiadomski & Caroline Henry / 2004 / 11 min

On the footsteps of Tomek Niewiadomski, Polish photographer.

His discovering with the North American immoderation, New York, the Great Plains, and further, his apprenticeship with David Michael Kennedy, expert in Platinium Palladium prints, as well as a fine portraitist and an involved man for the Indians Pueblos cause.

A free super 8 composition totally matched by imagination.


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